We offer

Production of peat briquettes on own equipment for use in industrial and domestic solid fuel boilers and supply of peat for solid fuel boilers.

Dear customers and partners!

Enterprise Ltd. "BIOHUMUS" produces peat near the Lviv city.  We have our own plant where, in the future, we recycle peat to peat briquettes on our equipment.

We offer peat briquettes as an alternative type of fuel: heating of residential buildings, fuel for boiler rooms, solid fuel for thermal power plants, for heating of swimming pools, for use in the municipal sphere.

Benefits of peat: low content of sulfur and slag, does not cause fires in chimneys, because neither it, nor smoke doesn't contain heavy creosote, does not ignite, does not spark, does not emit a carcinogenic or toxic vapor, ie safe for human skin and eyes.

Peat is the cheapest high-calorie fuel for heat production, average combustion heat within 15-17,2 MJ / kg, (for comparison - natural gas combustion heat is 31,8 MJ / cubic meter), that means two tons of peat give almost as much heat as a thousand cubic meters of natural gas. For its cost it is the most competitive with coal, fuel oil and natural gas (the cost of two tons of peat for today is several times less than a thousand cubic meters of natural gas). In addition, after burning peat in a furnace or solid fuel boiler, the minimum amount of ash remains in the furnace.

The peat of our fields has proven itself well both in Ukraine and abroad, and the demand for our peat in the Lviv region and in Western Ukraine in general is growing.

On your order, delivery of products by our transport within the region, and at large orders - across Ukraine! We hope that in the near future, our peat briquettes will show the best results in heating of your homes.