Peat briquettes

Peat briquettes of own production

We offer peat briquettes of our own production of excellent quality, suitable for both a home fireplace or a boiler, and for an industrial boiler room manual and automatic (!) (!) way of fuel supply.

Characteristics of our peat briquettes:

  • • ash content – 12–16%
  • • humidity – 18–20%
  • • diameter – 60–80 mm
  • • heating value – 15,37 МJ/kg


Our factory is built on modern equipment of foreign manufacture that allows to produce peat  for supply to any modern solid fuel boiler and are suitable for heating of houses, forests and farms, workshops, greenhouses, production shops, swimming pools and other structures.


How to choose peat briquettes?

Peat briquette is a convenient and practical form of peat solid fuel. Typical Typical characteristics of peat briquettes –are this:

  • • ash content  – proportion of ash (ashes) in peat briquettes (1–23%),
  • • humidity – proportion of moisture (water) in peat briquettes (5–25%),
  • • heating value – 15-17 МJ/kg
  • • and sizes – briquette length and diameter or dimensions (depending on shape) of cross-section.

High ash content (usually no more than 23%) allows dual application: after burning of peat briquettes of ash as fertilizer, will be needed at any backyard. Humidity index allows you to rate useful effect when burned per unit mass  – wetter peat briquettes give less heat, and have more weight. Typical peat briquette in cross-sectional shape is either rectangular or round. The length of the peat varies from 80  mm to 400 mm, but most common offers of peat briquettes with sizes of the order of 150–180 mm. In its diameter, the round peat briquette круглий торфобрикет ("sausage")  varies within 50 –80 mm. Similarly rectangular peat briquettes("brick") may have a cross-section sizes 80x40, 70x35, 70x50, 50x50 and others. These sizes are determined by the producers of peat briquettes. To choose one or the other size of peat briquettes should basing on goals of application: for example, for a small fireplace (room oven or fireplace), smaller sized briquettes will be good, and for large fires (boiler room, sauna) ) larger briquettes will be more convenient. At the same time, peat briquettes produced by Ltd.  Anyway, peat briquettes are quite convenient for storage  – they allow to save the useful volume of premises where the heating boilers are located. котли опалення.  Packing for delivery of peat briquettes can be in vacuum packs 5-10 kg each, bags with weight from 20-25 kg up to 50 kg, in big bags with weigh 500-1000 kg and bulk (for transportation of high volumes by trucks).